Best Fall Baking Recipes

Sticky sweet buns bursting with all the warm fall flavors. Take or leave the nuts and try out these amazing Caramel Apple Sticky Buns. PLUS, the dough is so versatile and can also be doubled and used for dinner rolls or other sweet roll flavors. 

Topped with a generous layer of streusel and a brown sugar maple cream glaze, you will fall in love with this bread. I’m not even the biggest pumpkin fan, and I went back for seconds. One reader said it reminded them of Starbucks pumpkin bread, just with bonus adders of streusel and glaze. 

You can use my sourdough bread recipe OR my easy artisan bread recipe to shape this festive and fun pumpkin loaf! It’s easier than it looks and I have a video tutorial for you to follow along with! 

After years of testing these snickerdoodle cookies, we captured the perfect recipe that has the perfect iconic snickerdoodle taste that’s soft and chewy and never ever dry! A must try this season! 

After sharing this cake with neighbors and friends, SEVERAL people asked what bakery I got it from. A couple even said the exact words of “this is the best carrot cake I’ve ever had”. Put their words to the test and give it a try this fall! 

Using brown butter for those subtle cozy fall flavors and throwing in extra marshmallows, this traditional treat becomes next level! 

Using the famous, no fail rice kripsie base from the recipe above, this rice krispie treat turns DECADENT. 

This versatile, no fail, buttery caramel sauce screams all things fall. Use to dip apple slices, add to ice cream, or drizzle over my Classic Cheesecake

Continuing with the fall brown butter magic, these cookies are warm, gooey, and decadent. They are an easy show off cookie, neighbor treat, or just personal Friday night treat this fall. 

With browned butter tossed apples and a snickerdoodle cookie topping, this recipe takes a slight twist on the classic apple cobbler we all love and look forward to every fall. 



I’d love to see your bakes this fall. Remember to tag @loskitchenco on Instagram! Recipe reviews also mean the world to me and helps other readers find these family favorite recipes too. If you could take a moment to write a review at the bottom of the recipe page, I’d be forever grateful! Happy baking this season, my friends! 

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