Neighbor Christmas Gift Ideas

I have compiled a list of some of my favorite homemade neighbor Christmas gift ideas! From breads to jams and even free printable gift tags, these will be a sure hit during the holidays!

overhead view of wrapped bread neighbor christmas gifts

Delicious neighbor Christmas gift ideas

One of my favorite parts of the season is all of the holiday baking and sharing those with family and friends. But, we all know it can add up quickly both with time and money. While traditionally people are giving away plates of various holiday cookies, my favorite thing to give away is BREAD! It’s easy to get sugared out with so many opportunities to have treats during the holidays, I find people appreciate bread because it’s different, not just another treat, and something they’ll actually eat! Plus, it’s inexpensive on your end and there are ways to make it efficient if you need to give to several people, so win-win there! 

Homemade bread Christmas gift ideas + free printable tags below!

1. Dinner rolls

overhead view of wrapped dinner rolls for gifts

Homemade dinner rolls are a great gift that anyone would use and love! Sometimes it’s nice to give something that’s not just another sweet. PLUS it’s easy to make a lot and divide it up. The recipe doubles well too. Give as is, or pair with homemade jam! 


2. Cinnamon chip bread

cinnamon chip bread wrapped for a neighbor gift

This cinnamon chip bread recipe would make an amazing gift and has such a wonderful flavor! Or you could use my tried and true white sandwich bread recipe or a quick bread like my best banana bread or pumpkin streusel bread!


3. Homemade jam

homemade jam in jars with gift tags

Giving homemade jam makes a wonderful and very useful gift! My favorite is actually making the jam recipe that comes in the Sure-Jell Pectin box! If you want to take it up a notch you could even gift it with a loaf of my classic white sandwich bread or dinner rolls.

Or for a quick stove top jam: 
1 lb mixed berries of choice
~1/2 cup sugar, or until desired sweetness
2 tbsp lemon juice
1/4 tsp ground cinnamon 
optional: 3 tbsp ez-gel thickener (I love the way this quickly helps my jam set and this bag will last you a while) 

–Instructions: Mix on stovetop on medium for about 10 minutes until berries have bursted and sauce has thickened. 


4. Star bread

overhead view of wrapped star bread for gifting
cranberry orange star bread, overhead

This star bread recipe is sure to impress your neighbors not only with it’s looks, but also with it’s taste. Although it looks complicated, I give you step by step instructions that makes it way easier than you think! I also show you on this post how to turn this into a wreath shape! Both of them fit perfectly into these boxes and look beautiful!


*Note: In the picture on the left I made a cinnamon sugar filling, but you can fill your star bread with any filling you’d like! Some ideas are chocolate, raspberry, cranberry orange, or even savory like pesto or garlic butter + cheese!

5. Cinnamon twist bread

overhead view of wrapped cinnamon twist bread for gifting

This cinnamon twist bread is my babka bread recipe that I shaped into 2 twisted loaves. I followed the same process from the recipe instructions, but instead of putting in a loaf pan, tuck both ends under and bake on a sheet pan instead! You could also make the babka recipe the original way it calls for which makes 2 loaves and gift those in a plastic bread bag instead.

This bag also fits my french bread recipe really well, which is fun and easy to make and giveaway!


*Note: In the picture I made a cinnamon sugar filling, but you can fill your babka bread recipe with any filling you’d like! Some ideas are apple cinnamon, raspberry swirl, chocolate, or roasted red pepper

6. Artisan bread

overhead view of wrapped artisan bread for gifting

My artisan bread recipe would be a delicious, simple and inexpensive neighbor gift option. Everyone would love and use this loaf of bread. You could even pair it with a nice olive oil or balsamic vinegar for a nicer gift. 


*Note: You could use my no-knead garlic rosemary bread recipe instead if you wanted something with a little more flavor! This is also an easy recipe with simple ingredients.

6. Charcuterie and towel bundle (great host gift!)

overhead view of charcuterie board/towel gift

If you do not have the time to bake, this would be a great neighbor gift or host gift option. There are so many ways to modify this and make it the way you like it – add a favorite hand towel, soap, kitchen tool, etc. These mini charcuterie boards are sure to be a hit!



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No matter what you decide to do for a neighbor gift, just showing your friends, family and those you love that you are thinking of them is what really matters. 

As always, happy holiday baking!


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