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FORMAT: This is a casual, recorded zoom call we had in 2022 with people who owned Classic Sourdough. It’s not a formal fancy video, but I walk through the main elements of sourdough and answer a lot of questions. So if a one hour, casual, extremely helpful learning session is your thing – this is a gift for you!  You will receive a PDF download with a link to the class recording and my bonus recipe for Sourdough Discard Biscuits

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The recording of my Sourdough 101 Virtual Book Club.


1. What did you teach?

    • Overview of sourdough
    • How you know your starter is ready to use
    • My favorite ingredients and supplies
    • Various techniques through the process
    • Scoring techniques
    • Baking tips
    • Answered live questions along the way

2. Do I need to own your book to participate?

NOPE! This book club night was originally intended for those who own my book, Classic Sourdough, as a bonus for them to get extra assistance. I will also be referencing the book and suggesting page numbers through out the class, so if you own the book, have it nearby! BUT, if you don’t own a copy yet, you will still have an almost identical amazing meeting experience.


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