Ways to Use Sourdough Starter

Ways to Use Sourdough Starter

So you have a bunch of leftover sourdough starter, or “discard”, as we call it. What else can you use it for besides bread? Check out this page for a list of recipes! There’s more to sourdough outside of amazing bread! 

Below is a growing collection of our family favorite tried and true sourdough recipes from my own kitchen and other amazing bakers. I will continue to add to it when I find my own favorites and develop more recipes of my own. There are endless ways to use extra starter. That “discard” that you take away when feeding your starter? Don’t throw it out! I pop my discard starter back in the fridge until I’m ready to make something else with it. I hope this page gives you some inspiration of how to use yours. (Recipes listed in alphabetical order)

Chocolate Chip Cookies [Gathered at my Table]

Cookies with sourdough starter in it? Seems questionable…until you have your first bite! 

Croutons [Lo’s Kitchen]

An easy way to use up an extra slice of dry sourdough bread. After making these easy, delicious homemade croutons, it will be hard to buy croutons from the store ever again!

English Muffins [King Arthur]

These muffins are a family favorite! They are pretty neutral in flavor (not too sour) and carry an amazing, light flavor.

Pancakes [Tastes of Lizzi T]

These pancakes are perfectly light and fluffy. I agree with the words of a friend who described them as “restaurant quality”. (I like to add a little more milk to these to thin them out slightly more, and then they’re perfect to my personal liking!) 

Pizza [Little Spoon Farm]

Amy did an incredible job with this dough. The crust is the best my family has had. I love her approach of using a cast iron pan for pizza too!

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